The Show! (Circa Sunday Night)

For a lot of people, Sunday nights are a downer.  The weekend winds to a close, a new work week looms on the horizon, and, at least for those who hate their jobs (and so many do), that sick feeling of dread begins to take hold as they look to Monday morning.  Circa Sunday Night offers a diversion from all of that.  This little show is wacky and goofy, and just the kind of thing you'll want to make fun of.   Go ahead; it's OK.   Watch as Jennifer shares her interests and discoveries, then closes with a Sunday evening pep talk. 

Circa Sunday Nights air on the Circa 19xx YouTube Channel Sunday nights, usually between 6:00 and 7:00.  Subscribe to the YouTube Channel or like the Circa-19xx FaceBook page to ensure you don't miss an episode.  If you do miss one, you can find them archived here or on YouTube.  Enjoy! 

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Episode 04:  Jennifer's Home Office

Jennifer gives a tour of her home office, where she keeps some of her favorite Disney stuff and 1962/1964 World Fair memorabelia.

Episode 03:  Destination Alma, Kansas

Jennifer's on the road again, but this time the camera is rolling! She visits the Alma Creamery, where she learns about cheese, then snags some finds at the Alma Antique Emporium. If you'd like to learn more about the Alma Antique Emporium, read this post:  

Let's go shopping! A Visit with Mary Drake at the Alma Antique Emporium

Episode 02:  The World's Smallest Party

Jennifer throws a wine and cheese soiree—for one.   At the party she provides a unique resource for snack and wine pairings and shares the books on her winter reading list.

Episode 01:  Pilot

Jennifer gives video a try.  Her topics include the Hunger Games and a tour of her 2018 planner.