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Jennifer Passariello

I love vintage clothes and accessories—that's how I came to know Downton Abbey.  I hadn't even heard of that show until the first season was nearly over.  I was home sick in bed and PBS was running what would turn out to be the first of many Downton marathons.  I started watching because the clothes were so beautiful I couldn't tear my eyes away.  Well, after a day-long binge I was hooked.  I'm still going through withdrawal even though it's been off the air for quite a while now.  Anyway, vintage pieces (or vintage-inspired pieces) always tug at my wallet—when I can find them.  What I've tried to do here is collect items that represent the look and feel of Circa 19xx.  Full disclosure:  I am an affiliate for the companies below, so if you click and purchase, I get a small (and by small, I mean microscopic) commission.  But even if you don't make a purchase, it's fun to look!