Announcing our Second Winner in the November Vintage Give-Aways!


Take a look at this pretty little vase!  I’ve never seen one quite like it; it’s a shallow circular vase for buds that, when filled, forms a small table-top wreath.  It has very delicate little perfectly formed flowers on top.  So pretty!  At the moment it’s sitting on my vanity, and it looks quite at home there.  But it will soon be on its way to our second winner in our November Vintage give-aways.

Congratulations, Julie Altenhofen of Kansas City!  You’re this week’s winner!

I purchased this little vase a couple of weeks ago at one of my favorite local shops, Happy Rock Antiques, and when I found it, I started imaging all sorts of simple arrangements you could make.  I’m not great at flower arranging, but how can you miss with this type of form?  Just cut the stems short and place the buds in a circle.  The vase does all the work.  Perfect!

There’s still time to enter!  There are two more give-aways to go!  To enter, just subscribe to Circa 19xx.


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