My studio (and by "studio" I mean a little corner of one of my guest rooms).

Welcome to my jewelry studio!

OK, so my studio is roughly a 3 x 4 foot rectangle of creative space.  But you have to start somewhere, right?

As you can see, I went a little crazy during a ribbon sale at a local fabric store.  Ribbon is too pretty to resist, and I want to do something with it. But—too bad!—I can't sew. I'm looking, instead, at ways to incorporate it into my jewelry. All of my attempts so far have resulted in weird little bows. I'm not really a bow fan. There has to be more to ribbon in jewelry than chokers and bows. The search is on! 

Circa 19xx?

Hi, and welcome to Circa 19xx. I’m Jennifer, and I have a fascination for old things—well, or even things that suggest age. I can’t resist lace, for example, or mirrors with blemishes in cracked gold frames. Old books (real ones, with paper and spines) are little touchstones in every room of my house, and worn, traveled postcards and faded holy cards draw me to the ephemera stalls in antique stores like a magnet. By day, I’m an instructional designer and training manager for a large biotech company. But in real life, I’m nearly always on safari, hunting from one era to the next for things that can’t be fully or authentically replicated today. The twentieth century is my stomping ground—but I can’t select a favorite decade. I’m wild about the Edwardian era and the American Jazz Age. But I love the space age, too, and would give my right arm for a time machine that would deposit me smack in the middle of the 1964 World’s Fair in Flushing Meadows, Queens. So, my interests are broad. I guess you could say I’m into anything circa 19xx, hence the name of my site.

Jennifer Passariello
Jennifer, jewelry hobbyist and antiques enthusiast
Olive, bead collector and ribbon unraveler